A glue manufacturer was having issues shipping 50-gallon drums of liquid glue to customers during winter months due to a change in LTL shipping policy. The product needed to stay above freezing otherwise the entire 50-gallon drum of the product would be damaged and unable to be used. Causing issues for any customers requiring glue shipments during winter months as well as continual loss of revenue when the product went below freezing.

Either the manufacturer had to have a workable solution to get their product shipped to locations during the winter where the product would stay above freezing, or the manufacturer would essentially not be able to send any product to many end users through the winter months.


After producing several customs designed Thermal Shield Pallet Shippers, Frontier Paper worked with the end user and had them ship 50-gallon drums of their adhesive from the manufacturing facility in Indiana to an end user in Minnesota during November. Frontier Paper supplied several remote data loggers to be placed throughout the shipment to monitor temperatures. This gave Frontier Paper and the end user “real life” data their product was experiencing during delivery and a “real life” test to see if our proposed solution would be functional for their needs.


Frontier Paper was able to successfully show that during shipment with our custom designed Thermal Shield Pallet Shipper, internal payload temperatures stayed well above the freezing mark during delivery for a three day period. Much like a pizza delivery bag with a reflective liner inside the pouch, the glue being produced and packaged at the ambient temperature of approximately 70 F were able to stay significantly warmer during shipment. Our proposed solution was able to allow the manufacturer not only to continue to ship product during the winter, but we were also able to increase the shipping time from 2 to 3 days while maintaining temperatures above freezing.