Sustainable Wine Shippers

Whether you’re shipping a few bottles of vino back from the golden coast, or you need to protect, cushion, and insulate an entire collection for a move. Our exclusive biodegradable wine pack shippers accommodate wine or champagne bottles in 2, 4, 6, and 12 pack case configurations. Protect your wine collection from extreme temperature swings, and go with a natural biobased protective insulated packaging material that is good for the environment. Our two-piece insulated wine shipper takes up little space compared to molded EPS foam and doesn’t carry the environmental and disposal hazards associated with EPS after you’ve unpacked your wine. Nature-Packs wine and champagne shippers are the proven choice when it comes to ecologically sustainable packaging.


Compostable or curbside recyclable? You decide.

Nature-Pack™ materials go beyond just composting and provide a complete spectrum of disposal options. Whether you want to recycle it with the paper stream or you’d prefer to Compost it, Biocooler® will even biodegrade in fresh or saltwater, and without harm to marine life. This coveted “gold standard” means we make the only insulated shipper in the world to offer all of these benefits. Certified compostable ASTM D6400 and international certification EN 13432. All product claims are validated by TUV Austria, the world leader in bioplastic standards.


Wine Shipper Specifications:


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