Whether you’re a fisherman looking to help a client keep his catch fresh or you’re a restaurant owner that offers online shipping of seafood to any zip code in the U.S.

No other industry is so closely associated with our waterways as is the fishing and seafood industry. Resulting in the handling of oil-based EPS foam containers becomes a daily hazard. As the need to satisfy the worlds’ appetite for lobster, crab, fish and other species grows, so too does the packaging it takes to transfer, contain, and ship it.

The growing pile of bulky EPS foam containers that sit next to the processing houses (fish markets), after the fish arrives to shore, is not a pretty site. Even the best recycling programs, cannot capture all the EPS foam that gets busted and floats away back into the ocean, or other waterways.

Often piles of EPS containers sit ten feet high or more and are a tourism eyesore for the community as well. Until now alternatives to EPS foam shippers have been almost non-existent. You share a special relationship with the environment, protecting it is just as important as the profits. With many coastal communities, EPS foam has become a particularly sensitive subject. It’s enemy number one, and also a leading litter problem. Civic leaders and communities realize the pollution hazards it poses, and have passed laws banning the use of oil-based EPS foam shippers. Nature-Pack™ brand of biodegradable and compostable foam packaging can offer real solutions as an EPS foam replacement for shipping seafood.