From the large multinational chocolate maker to the local craft artisan who is just starting out, making chocolates is an art form. Chocolate is a “divine experience” that delights and encourages us to try the next delicious piece. As a confectioner, you take great care in creating tasteful experiences. Preserving the appearance, taste, and integrity is essential in creating melt-in-your-mouth happiness, and repeat business. Nature-Pack’s close involvement with chocolatiers and confectioners provides us with keen insights as to the challenges they encounter when shipping these temperature-sensitive treats.


Whether shipping hand-made truffles to a trade show in Boston or sending cupcakes with a soft chocolate Confectionsganache filling across town, the Nature-Pack™ line of biodegradable foam cold-chain packaging and insulated shippers will provide you with the temperature assurance you need so your tasty morsels arrive in optimum condition. Our first-to-market, compostable cold-chain packaging is a natural fit for chocolate makers who recognize the value of differentiating your goods with single-use packaging that has little environmental impact.

With insulating values that rival EPS foam, Biomailer™ and Biocooler® brand of insulated chocolate shippers are proven performers and the only sustainable alternative to fossil-fuel-based EPS styrofoam. Our materials emulate traditional oil-based plastics yet are engineered from renewable plant starches which return to nature upon disposal.

Sample 48hr Shipment of Chocolates from Florida to Indianapolis

The chart below was a sample shipment of artisan chocolates packaged in a two piece Biocooler® with (4) 32oz gel refrigerants. The test sample originates in Florida and arrives in Indianapolis, IN 48hrs later and was performed in accordance with ISTA 7E Summer profile standards. The chart reflects the inside temperatures of the package that was captured with our data recording devices located inside each shipper.