Culinary herbs and spices are a growing industry, but with that growth comes challenges associated with proper packaging and post-harvest handling. With a diverse range of plant species, cultivars, and plant components. It is critical to understand how temperature, humidity, processing, and packaging affect each group.

The Fresh Herb Industry

Poor temperature management and an inability to control your cold-chain will always promote disease development and product loss. Nature-Pack™ understands these barriers and can help you take the appropriate steps to mitigate these issues starting with proper packaging. This is key to maintaining consistently high-quality products. Ingestable fresh herbs which are consumed by humans can harbor microbial hazards if there is any break in the protocol for safe handling. Elevated levels can cause foodborne illness, and that’s why it’s critical to understand how to protect and preserve fresh herbs. Dried herbs or spices do not carry the same concerns as fresh herbs, so a different approach is needed for those products.