Nature-Pack™ is the only North American supplier of compostable protective packaging with international certifications from TUV-Austria (who recently acquired Vincotte). This fortifies our position as a leader in green packaging. TUV is a multi-disciplined organization in the field of sustainability, safety, testing, quality standards, and certifications. Based in Belgium, TUV is an internationally recognized certification body that provides a transparent and unbiased “guarantee” of biodegradable claims for compostable plastics. The “OK environment” product verification marks are the only ones of their kind to offer a certification label for each specific biodegradation environment. TUV  is a world leader in bioplastics certification and a pioneer in establishing international standards for bioplastics.

“OK biobased” Certification

The “OK biobased” certification quantifies the amount of renewable carbon content in Nature-Pack™ products. The established testing methods that precede the certification process are rigorous, and our materials achieved the highest rating by TUV-Austria. Biocooler®, Biomailer™, and other Nature-Pack™ products are in various stages of testing for compostability in specific environments. Certifications are pending.

As we move towards sustainability and away from fossil-based packaging, many companies are looking for products that contribute to a healthier planet. Nature-Pack materials use less energy to make and emit up to 80% fewer greenhouse gasses versus oil-based plastics used today. As the demand for “green” products continues to grow it has become common to hear false, misleading, and inaccurate claims in attempts to capture market share. More often than not. companies fail to offer a shred of evidence demonstrating that their materials meet or pass the compostable standards set forth. Standards are important agreed-upon measurements that define terminology or testing criteria but are not certifications. Only independent 3rd parties such as TUV can verify and determine whether or not to award certification. In short, TUV provides transparency and truth to consumers, brand owners, and industry professionals.