Consuming dried fruits and nuts are healthy for people and delicious to eat! Whether combined into an energy bar or used in a culinary dish, nuts are high in protein, fiber, and are heart healthy.  They offer tons of health benefits. Nuts can be different varieties and also have varying shelf lives from as little as one month for pine nuts, six months for pecans, and up to a year for almonds. Processed nuts that are chocolate dipped, roasted or shelled have shorter life spans and need to be protected. Nuts can also go rancid and spoil due to unsaturated oils in the nut that oxidize when exposed to elevated temperatures, light, and air. Depending on the type of nut and whether or not the shell is intact.


Nature-Pack™ offers something for all parties, from the farmer to the processor, to the distributor. It’s is a natural way to enhance your brands packaging Our Nature-Pack™ offer excellent barrier properties and are FDA approved for direct food contact. Proper packaging is essential to getting your dried fruits and nuts to the market. Biomailer™ is ideal smoked or roasted nuts for small parcel shipments. When temperature control is required for extended larger shipments or shipping chocolate glazed nuts, Biocooler® can manage loads at the appropriate temperatures and can be easily disposed of after use. Talk to a Nature-Pack™ specialist today.