Flowers and other sought-after plants are an important part of natures’ wonder. Flowers, in particular, are revered for their beautiful color shape and unique fragrance. Whether giving a singular rose to your sweetheart for Valentines Day or an elegant bouquet of tropical flowers that’s just arrived from South America. Often flowers carry symbolic meanings for important events that occur in our lives.

In the Field

Great care and understanding are needed once you cut and remove a flower from its root system, or its natural environment. At this point, you have a limited amount of time to preserve its beauty before finally wilting away. Our insulated two-piece design not only ships flat and erects on demand, but we also utilize the inherent ability of our bioplastic foam, to act as a desiccant, absorbing the ethylene gas from the time the flower is packed to the moment it’s opened. A unique benefit only found in Nature-Pack™ bioplastic foam materials.