As a dairy producer or organic dairy farmer, you make it your purpose to provide the best milk, yogurt, and cheese available using all-natural, non-toxic raw materials. You’re mindful about farming and maintain a holistic view towards the process. Being smart and resourceful is just part of your job.Milk

Shouldn’t your packaging reflect your sustainable practices? Nature-Pack™ insulated cold chain packaging for milk, yogurt, dairy, and cheese producers is packaging made with a purpose. Whether you’re looking to satisfy a need for an insulated takeaway or carry-out bag for your farm store, or desire a compostable shipping cooler for sending your organic dairy products. Nature-Pack™ products can help.

Our Raw materials are domestically sourced from non-GMO biomass feedstocks and do not compete with food sources. Being bio-based, they are naturally biodegradable upon disposal. Nature-Pack™ offers a compelling alternative to fossil-based packaging. With a short growth cycle, we produce sustainable materials annually that absorb CO2 and return it to through the composting process. Bio-based packaging offers dairy producers a way to keep their milk, cheese, or yogurt cold and fresh when shipping small parcels. Using dry ice or Nature-Ice refrigerants you can extend shipping times and ensure your products arrive within the precise tolerances that dairy producers demand.