Starch Bioplastic Bags and Envelopes

Our compostable, biodegradable Biomailer envelopes are made from very strong starch biopolymers. These lend themselves well to applications requiring a substantial tensile strength. Products such as insulated retail shopping bags or thermal insulated bags need a high bursting strength while maintaining environmental credentials. We custom tailor envelopes to include cushioning and insulating features. We can even print your company logo or message for branding and advertising purposes. Additionally, our in-house laminating capabilities allow further options and enhancements using PHA plastic, cellulose film, PLA bioplastic, PLA blends, and other novel bioplastic films to achieve desired characteristics.


100% Compostable, Insulating Small Parcel Shippers

Our Nature-Pack™ products are curbside recyclable in the paper stream or compostable in the right environments. Talk to us about your end-users, and we can provide appropriate disposal suggestions or even custom print instructions for your earth-friendly branding.

Our newest Biomailer® designs are made for small parcel shipments that require cushioning and insulating properties. These are ideal for shipping biopharmaceutical samples with room for refrigerants. Other uses include clinical shipments, insulin, and other products which would be of high value. Biomailer offers the insulating value of a cooler but without all the components of an insulated cooler or the space requirements.

Using Biomailer is Easy:

  • No tape needed
  • No box
  • No separate cooler
  • No erecting box
  • No bulky storage
  • No void fill


 Biomailer insulated shipper specifications:


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