CAD Design and Prototyping

Let the Nature-Pack™ team assist you with our CAD Design and Prototype creation abilities. Using Computer Aided Drawing, we can evolve your presentation carton designed to your needs and style. Our internal Digital Art Department is available to create your professional print layout. We take the guesswork out of how your carton may look by giving you a high-quality representation of your exact package, just as it will appear before any cutting or printing dies are purchased, or product run.

Digital Printing

Beyond packaging, our digital print services help your brand stand out. Make a great first impression by printing custom logos and artwork on all types of packaging surfaces and signage. Your imagination is the only limit, and our graphics department is available to turn your ideas into a reality.

Temperature Assurance Testing

Nature-Pack’s temperature lab services provide detailed, data-driven analysis of small and large parcel shipments based on realistic expectations your package may encounter in the distribution environment. By using our state-of-the-art test chamber that replicates almost every weather condition and environment your package is exposed to, we can determine why a package might fail to perform and make necessary changes to achieve positive results. Our experts can work with you to develop the solution to maintain product quality based on your specific packout, ISTA 7E summer and winter profiles, as well as the specific climatic characteristics of your distribution logistics.

Pre-Qualified Validations

Your cold chain packaging supplier, Nature-Pack can help you make sure the package you use meets all your temperature assurance needs. Our extensive knowledge helps us make sure we come up with a design that works for you. Shipping pharmaceuticals, candy, food, cosmetics and pretty much anything else is not always easy, but we create the package that will keep products safely within specified temperatures. We can supply data loggers for real-world results on how an end user is currently shipping their product. We can also run full temperature controlled chamber test based on ISTA or individual shipping lane statistics to verify that the results needed are attained.


Nature-Pack has an extensive line of manufacturing equipment, coupled with proven know-how in packaging, making us a valued partner for kitting and assembly needs. Companies large and small face challenges when trying to manage too much at once, or just not having the resources to make a project happen. Nature-Pack's talented packaging consultants can fast-track your product, by offering creative, cost-efficient solutions that deliver bottom-line results.