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Biocooler® Featured at Asembia, Booth 617

January 25, 2020

2020 Specialty Pharmacy Summit May 3 to May 6, Asembia is hosting the nation’s leading annual gathering for the specialty pharmacy industry for the 16th year, and we will be showcasing the Nature-Pack™ Biocooler®. Our Earth-Friendly insulated shippers are utilized by leading pharmaceutical companies, and Asembia allows us to meet... [ Read More ]
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Packaging World Magazine Features Nature-Pack™ Biocooler®

May 14, 2018

The Biocooler is to appear in May issue of Packaging World Magazine, print and online. The May issue of Packaging World will showcase the many benefits of our bio-based Biocooler® for compostable cold chain packaging, which easily replaces harmful fossil-based ESP foam (“Styrofoam“) coolers used to ship temperature sensitive products.... [ Read More ]
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Nature-Pack Awarded $5,000 “GoGlobal” Grant at World Trade Day

April 13, 2018

Nature-Pack’s parent company, Frontier Paper & Packaging, was awarded a $5,000 grant by the Indy Chamber as part of their #GlobalIndy campaign on “World Trade Day” on Tuesday, April 10th. This grant, sponsored by JPMorgan Chase Bank, is given annually to assist Indiana manufacturing businesses who seek to grow their... [ Read More ]
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China’s ban on single-use plastics

January 26, 2020

China’s Jan. 19 announcement of a sweeping, phased-in ban on many single-use plastics not only caught the attention of environmental campaigners, but also it’s likely to have a significant impact on polyethylene markets globally. The new policy from Beijing sets up bans on disposable plastics, including nondegradable bags, straws and... [ Read More ]
2019 New York City styrofoam ban
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No More EPS Foam in NYC, Law Now in Effect

January 25, 2019

Overcoming resistance from a coalition of businesses, New York City’s ban on EPS foam (frequently referred to by the brand name “styrofoam”) is officially in effect. This is a major effort to reduce plastic pollution that There is a buffer period this year where businesses continuing to use styrofoam will only receive warnings... [ Read More ]
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Eliminating Plastics Entirely is NOT the Green Solution

December 10, 2018

Eliminating all plastics would raise greenhouse gas emissions? This sounds counter-intuitive until you think through the alternatives to some of our economy’s needed plastics. According to Professor David Bucknall from Heriot-Watt University, there are no easy answers to global plastic pollution. “…the academics from Heriot-Watt University said replacing plastics with other packaging... [ Read More ]
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University Study Finds Plastics More Sustainable than Paper

October 5, 2018

Counter to popular belief, a new study comparing the total effect of plastic vs paper products indicates that plastics might be the greener option. “The idea that plastic packaging actually reduces solid waste seems like a contradiction if you look at the numbers put out by the mainstream media. However, a... [ Read More ]
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New Biodegradable Plastic Straw Created by Danimer Scientific

September 18, 2018

With businesses as large as Starbucks and McDonald’s phasing out old-fashioned fossil-based plastic straws, demand is growing for an Earth-friendly alternative. Traditional non-biodegradable plastics often end up polluting the oceans, waterways, and our communities. Danimer Scientific has developed a solution: the world’s first fully biodegradable plastic straw. Currently, those iconic green... [ Read More ]