(Indianapolis, Indiana, USA) Date 04/10/24

As a recognized leader in creating bespoke eco-friendly packaging, Frontier Paper & Packaging has partnered with the Swedish forest products company Stora Enso Biomaterials Division to bring new Fibrease Cellulose wood Foam to the North American market. Frontier and Stora Enso have a shared vision of a society built on using materials that are designed for a purpose and are made from renewable resources with minimal impact on the environment.  “Fibrease represents a real breakthrough in cellulose foam technology with innovative properties, that are unmatched in its category.”

*Another transformational step towards plastic-free packaging

Frontier is excited about the opportunities to introduce this innovative, fiber-based foam to our customers & brand owners” said Scott Durbin, Sr. VP sales and development. “We believe Fibrease is a superior product option to traditional fossil based foams used today, and its versatility allows it to be used across several market verticals including automotive, electronics, food and beverage, and other industries. Cold chain packaging, is another area of focus with this material as our lab tests confirm that Fibrease outperforms EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam when used for cold chain applications. We see broad interest in this product from our customers as they aim to move towards sustainable options and away from fossil based materials. Frontier has invested in new purpose built equipment as we ramp up our efforts to support our customers objectives in migrating to a fiber based solution for their packaging needs. The soft feel, resiliency, and unique presentation that Fibrease delivers will add value to our clients efforts to create excitement around the unboxing experience for the end-user Best of all, “there’s a real sustainability story here, that everyone can get behind and support”.

Fibrease foam is sourced from FSC certified wood, and fully recyclable with the traditional paper stream.