How Packaging Evolves

Biocooler® is an exciting new alternative to oil-based, EPS foam insulated shippers. This unique two-piece panel system was designed specifically for single-use, short-life-cycle packaging. It offers equal or better thermal values versus competing oil-based products used today. Biocooler is lightweight, rigid and form-fitting which allows for faster more efficient packouts. It is available in thicknesses ranging from 1/2″ to 1″, and 1-1/2″, or our thermal consultants would be happy to custom tailor a Biocooler insulated shipper for you.

Compostable or curbside recyclable? You decide.

Nature-Pack™ materials go beyond composting and provide a complete spectrum of disposal options. Whether the end user prefers to recycle it with the paper stream or compost it, there is no bad choice. Biocooler will even biodegrade in fresh or salt water without harm to marine life. This coveted “gold standard” means we make the only insulated shipper in the world to offer all of these benefits. Certified compostable ASTM D6400 and international certification EN 13432. All product claims are validated by TUV Austria (formerly Vincotte), the world leader in bioplastic standards.

Benefits of using Biocooler

  • First-to-market, lightweight and rigid bioplastic foam panels ship and store flat
  • Easy to handle, increases pack out efficiency and cut labor costs in half
  • Fits carton exactly! Increasing thermal assurance
  • Can be custom printed to drive brand loyalty or marketing messages
  • The only insulated container sold today that is FDA approved for direct food contact
  • Uses less energy to manufacture with a reduced CO2 footprint
  • Reduces plastic litter in our lakes, rivers, and streams without any harmful impact on marine life
  • Repels water and will only compost or biodegrade in the presence of microorganisms
  • Shelf-stable for up to one year and will not biodegrade if not in use
  • Highest 4-star certification rating from TUV Austria for biobased content
  • Inherently anti-static, making it ideal for shipping electronics
  • Unique desiccant like properties extend the life of fruits and vegetables

Easy to Packout, Easy to Store, and Easy on the Environment

Biocooler insulated packaging Packout

Each Biocooler insulated panel system consists of an outer piece A) and an inner piece B) that will create a form-fitting cooler upon assembly. These foam pieces are flat and rigid but will fold into place along the scored side of the panels. The rigidity of Biocooler assists during the assembly by allowing the top panel to stay upright while the cooler is finished being packed out. By using our two-piece Biocooler system, you can triple the quantity shipped versus a traditional pallet of EPS foam coolers. Therefore, lowering your per unit costs significantly.

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