Custom bioplastic packaging

Our packaging design team loves NEW challenges. From concept, to design, to fabrication we have the resources and know-how to turn ideas into reality. With an ever-increasing appetite for alternatives to oil-based plastics, customers are demanding materials that have strong environmental credentials.

Starch bioplastics from Nature-Pack™ fit the bill while offering a cost-effective and versatile replacement. Our products provide unique benefits that go beyond waste disposal profiles while separating your brand from the competition. With foamed thicknesses as thin as .025″ (1/32″) we can make custom designed envelopes and bags with incredible tensile properties that rival co-extruded traditional plastics. Our in-house die-cutting and laminating capabilities allow further design strategies to take shape. We have a wide array of complementary materials such as paper, PLA bioplastics, PHA bioplastics, and others to achieve desired results. Whether your needs require a custom die-cut foam build up for sending computer hard drives or maybe corner protectors for antique furniture. no matter the application our experts have the talent to bring green innovation to life.


For pricing or more information on our customizable packaging, please contact us.