With businesses as large as Starbucks and McDonald’s phasing out old-fashioned fossil-based plastic straws, demand is growing for an Earth-friendly alternative. Traditional non-biodegradable plastics often end up polluting the oceans, waterways, and our communities. Danimer Scientific has developed a solution: the world’s first fully biodegradable plastic straw.

Currently, those iconic green plastic straws of Starbucks and the red stripe plastic straws from McDonald’s will take many decades if not centuries to decompose. This solution by Danimer is a big improvement for restaurants that want to offer earth-friendly plastic straws.

“The environmental impact of straws and other single-use plastic items has become a critical issue for cities and companies across the country,” said Scott Tuten, Chief Marketing Officer at Danimer Scientific. “The challenge is that there are few durable, yet eco-friendly alternatives available. Thankfully, research has found that PHA effectively biodegrades in environments ranging from waste treatment facilities to landfills and oceans. With that stamp of approval, we are excited to be bringing truly biodegradable straw resins in the near future to businesses that are looking to replace petrochemical plastic straws in restaurants, amusement parks and more.”

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