As Nature-Pack™ continues to develop innovative Earth-friendly packaging to replace traditional fossil-based packaging, our marketing department has completed a new, comprehensive and informative website, launched March 9, 2018.

The development of the new website took several months to create. The improvements go beyond a modern design and professional marketing videos. Nature-Pack is also launching an informative, science-based Learning Center to educate the public about topics related to compostable, biodegradable, and bio-based plastic products. We wish to help consumers train their eye to spot greenwashing by brands that only claim to be green, but fail to verify such claims.

The flagship product focus on Nature-Pack’s website is the new compostable and recyclable Biocooler® brand of insulated packaging. This plant-based flagship product line is designed for shipping temperature sensitive items that have traditionally been packaged by expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, a.k.a. “styrofoam.” Such products include medicines, lab samples, foods, and beverages. The rigid two-panel foam Biocooler has many design features that are superior to other soft-sided “green” insulation. It has third-party international certifications that verify both its biobased content and compostability.

A new Bioplastic Industry News blog on the website will feature news from around the globe on the growing bioplastics industry, as well as the upheaval of traditional fossil-based plastic packaging being replaced or banned as more consumers and their governments demand protections for the Earth’s environment.

The new also showcases a host of other products and services, such as temperature assurance testing, digital printing, wine bottle shippers, their line of Nature-Ice™ gel refrigerants, and the endless customizations Nature-Pack creates from their new bio-based foam packaging.

Nature-Pack will continue to improve and add to the new website for years to come, so check out often to learn more about sustainable packaging.