Our deepest sympathies go to those affected by the tragic Las Vegas shooting just days after this Pack Expo event.

Meeting great companies in Las Vegas

Nature-pack™ was proud to exhibit for our second time at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2017. This three-day event is one of the most attended shows in the Packaging industry, drawing visitors from many regions including, Asia, Europe, S America, as well as domestic attendees.

The interest in compostable packaging and insulated cold-chain packaging is growing at a steady pace, and brand owners and consumers will continue to demand less harmful alternatives to EPS foam and other oil-based plastics. The Nature-Pack line of insulated cold-chain packaging, such as Biocooler®, continues to be the number one alternative in the market and is quickly becoming the preferred material-of-choice amongst food delivery companies, chocolate and confectioners, life science and pharma, and other industries that ship perishable goods.

Just-in-time for the show, Nature-Pack unveiled its newly refreshed and updated website that offers compelling facts about our products, and why our game-changing technology is better than the rest. With a one-of-a-kind disposal profile, Nature-Pack is changing the landscape of communities by designing earth-friendly materials that harmlessly go away in almost all environments, including water. At Nature-Pack, packaging for tomorrow starts today!