The Biocooler is to appear in May issue of Packaging World Magazine, print and online.

Packaging World May 2018 Cover

The May issue of Packaging World will showcase the many benefits of our bio-based Biocooler® for compostable cold chain packaging, which easily replaces harmful fossil-based ESP foam (“Styrofoam“) coolers used to ship temperature sensitive products.

Packaging World has already published an article online showcasing the unique attributes that set our product apart from the competition. The many benefits described include:

• It ships flat, saving money vs EPS foam coolers.

• It stores flat, saving warehouse space.

• It is rigid and form-fitting to the customer’s box, unlike soft-sided “green” packaging insulations (denim, cotton, jute, etc). This leads to less thermal bridging for temperature sensitive packaging. 

• The outer surface of the Biocooler panels are printable (using our compostable inks), so the customer can customize it with their own logo, instructions, or other branded content. 

• The moisture-resistant, biodegradable surface is FDA approved for direct food contact, ideal for food delivery services.

The May print issue is currently being distributed, and we are already excited to see the positive response from readers around the world. Global companies concerned about environmental issues have reached out to Nature-Pack for our truly Earth-friendly packaging, and we expect the excitement to build as more customers experience the unique benefits offered by our products.