Packaging News, Plastic Pollution and Bans

Kroger Plastic Bags Phased Out by 2025

NPR reports on the ongoing efforts to combat microplastics in the environment, especially oceans, rivers, and lakes. Kroger has joined the fight by announcing a ban on their single-use plastic bags. They also have additional plans to reduce landfill waste by 90%. The Kroger Co. includes major chains such as Ralphs, Harris Teeter, Food4Less and […]

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Plastic Pollution and Bans

Great Pacific Garbage Patch is Larger than Previous Estimates

A new study by a group of scientists now estimates the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” to be 79,000 tons of plastic. This is “four to 16 times larger than previously estimated.” The other surprising find was that 46 percent of it is made up of fishing gear.  Netting and other fishing gear entangles whales, turtles and other large […]

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